Generative AI knows just what to say

20 Feb

I was recounting recent financial trends, and pondering the future of our business, and I got this comforting message from ChatGPT. Turns out Cloud Computing, in fact, won’t be the death of hardware companies. This must be correct, right?

Question: “what is the future of a hardware company in the era of cloud computing?”

Response: “Hardware companies will continue to play a crucial role in the era of cloud computing. While cloud computing has shifted many computing tasks to the cloud, it still requires hardware infrastructure to function. In fact, cloud computing has created a huge demand for hardware, as cloud providers need to constantly build and expand their data centers to support the increasing demand for cloud services.

Moreover, hardware companies are also adapting to the era of cloud computing by developing new products that are designed to integrate with cloud computing technologies. For example, hardware companies are developing specialized hardware such as high-speed networking equipment, solid-state storage devices, and specialized processors that are optimized for running cloud applications.

In addition, the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing is also creating new opportunities for hardware companies. With the increasing number of connected devices and the need for processing data closer to the source, hardware companies are developing new products such as microcontrollers and sensors that are optimized for IoT applications.

Overall, while cloud computing has changed the computing landscape, it has not diminished the role of hardware companies. Rather, hardware companies are evolving and adapting to the changing needs of the market, and will continue to play a vital role in the era of cloud computing.”

Whew, I guess I can go out and buy that second home after all. 😉

ChatGPT – the newest, coolest thing

1 Feb

I totally recommend checking out ChatGPT from OpenAI. I have yet to stump it with a question, even the most nuanced ones involving Chuck Norris. Give it a whirl (and/or get acquainted with our future superintelligence overload) at:

Henry & Friends teach Baseball clinic

21 Nov

Have a 7-12 year old who wants to join a Baseball clinic led by Palo Alto High School baseball players? Follow the link below to register.

Cottage 2.0 project

11 Nov

Haven’t posted in a while. Hopefully friends/family have kept up to date via Facebook. FYI, we’re embarking on a re-boot of our backyard cottage in order to make it a full-fledged modern ADU. We’ll be doing a lot of cleaning-out and selling-off in order to make space for construction. So if you have a need for a replacement grill, basketball hoop, random furniture… please drop a line.

I’ll post items as they get listed and as I think of it. Thanks!

**Updated below**

Basketball hoop (*it sold to a nice family in Half Moon Bay with a 13 year old*)

Lots more still available — Here it is on Craigslist – (*pulled it down – sold or gave away most everything – it was a busy weekend*)

But… The best item that somehow didn’t go – my “hockey gear drying guy” — is still here!?!? I made it myself – Make me an offer and it’s yours! (old smelly gear not included)

Henry’s having a great first season of HS Baseball

29 Apr

Henry’s having a good time as a freshman member of the Paly JV baseball team.

The Vikings are renowned, with the Varsity team ranked 14 in California as of this writing, and with 15 alumni MLB draft picks including Joc Pederson.

As the JV ‘closer’, his pitching stats are towards the top of the chart. So far he’s pitched 6 games in relief, his fastball hits 80, and he’s rung up 15 strike outs. He’s doing a good job shutting down batters in the late innings, with a WHIP of just .346 and a Batting Average Against of only .069.

Isabel gets famous at UCI

29 Apr
Here she is – promoting the joy of being an Anteater!

Isabel Wins Writing Award

24 Dec

Isabel placed second in the Palo Alto Weekly 34th Annual Short Story Contest, for the Young Adult category. Here’s the link to her winning story:

Isabel’s an Anteater!

21 Apr

anteaterIsabel’s committed to attend University of California, Irvine for Dance!  We’re excited to become an Anteater family.  Zot, Zot, Zot!

Not an April Fools joke

2 Apr

Kids’ schools closed for rest of school year:

Henry’s year in AAA Hockey

7 Oct

Last year’s hockey season was a busy one with travel across the US and even up to Quebec for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Quebec International Pee-Wee Tournament.

It was a trying experience in net, however, with a tough regular season schedule against two top clubs, the LA Jr Kings and the Anaheim Jr Ducks. The regular season itself was only 6 games, with more time spent traveling to tournaments, but those 6 games were busy for the Jr Sharks Pee-Wee AAA’s only net minder, who faced almost half of the shots — 217 of 462 — taken in the entire season by all teams combined!



Onward and upward: Henry’s skating out this season with the Jr Sharks as a first year Bantam A, and is looking forward to a fun NorCal travel hockey season.