Cottage 2.0 project

11 Nov

Haven’t posted in a while. Hopefully friends/family have kept up to date via Facebook. FYI, we’re embarking on a re-boot of our backyard cottage in order to make it a full-fledged modern ADU. We’ll be doing a lot of cleaning-out and selling-off in order to make space for construction. So if you have a need for a replacement grill, basketball hoop, random furniture… please drop a line.

I’ll post items as they get listed and as I think of it. Thanks!

**Updated below**

Basketball hoop (*it sold to a nice family in Half Moon Bay with a 13 year old*)

Lots more still available — Here it is on Craigslist – (*pulled it down – sold or gave away most everything – it was a busy weekend*)

But… The best item that somehow didn’t go – my “hockey gear drying guy” — is still here!?!? I made it myself – Make me an offer and it’s yours! (old smelly gear not included)


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