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Post-Renovation Sale in Progress

1 Sep

Our renovation is almost officially over – if you need a storage tent, wooden doors, stereo equipment, or want to go through boxes of old books, please drop in. Storage tent listing on craigslist:

Gangnam Styling…

26 Aug

Our website isn’t dead yet.  Just haven’t added much to it in a while.  Enjoy this hilarious video while we figure out what to post next… 

President visits Palo Alto

23 Oct

"SUV One" drives through Palo Alto

We didn’t see the President, but I did see the helicopters circling and the closed off-ramps on the highway.  We were invited to a friend’s next door to the fundraiser, but passed to spend a quiet family night at home.  Link to a good article on the visit here.

Isabel the Photographer and Etcha

19 Oct

Etcha the Elephant

Henry the photographer takes picture of Mommy

19 Oct

Mommy Harding

Isabel’s scores

15 Sep

Isabel’s meet results this season at

Isabel 2nd at Mavericks

15 Sep

Isabel finishes 2nd All Around in the Middle age division at the recent ‘Meet at Mavericks’ gymnastics competition, held at Gymtowne in Moss Beach.

Hello world!

15 Sep

Welcome to the all new Harding Family Website!