Man’s Not Hot!

22 Oct

This is the Gangnam Style of 2017.  The ting goes Skrrraaaah. Boom.  🙂

Volvo XC70 AWD wagon for Sale

30 Dec

Selling our 2007 Volvo XC70 AWD wagon. Can you fix a transmission? Then let’s make a deal!

Isabel Shows her Spirit

19 Oct

Our new highschool freisabel-spiritweekshman shows her spirit with her friends at school.



Serpents 2nd for El Palo Alto U10 Boys

28 Apr

Henry-ElPaloAlto2016-FinalHenry’s soccer team made it to the finals and finished 2nd in the El Palo Alto tournament for U10 boys.

Job search is over

21 Apr

Thanks to everyone who helped with referrals, contacts and support. The job search is over after about 5 weeks of serious work. I’m impressed by the number of great jobs available here in the Bay area, and by the innovation shown by so many startups. Time to shop for a new wardrobe… and a different car. 🙂

Isabel’s latest Dance competitions

1 Apr

Isabel is busy on the big stage these days at a number of dance competitions, with a couple recent ones in our area being Encore and KAR. Here are a couple clips of her in action:

In the light-hearted Duet ‘Laurel and Harding’:

Part of the Elite small group number ‘Epikur’:

Looking for the Next Big Thing

9 Mar

20160302_094322If we ever spoke about working on the next-big-thing together, now’s the time to drop me a line and let’s pick up the conversation again.  And if we didn’t, why not now?    My latest resume is here, HardingTechProducts-Mar2016, and a quick overview is here.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Preparing for SuperBowl 50

29 Jan

football-trafficDespite the Patriots having lost a close one last week, we have no choice but to care about Super Bowl 50, coming up on Sunday, Feb. 7 at Levi’s Stadium in nearby Santa Clara.  Along with the thousands of visitors coming to the Bay Area, we expect there will be more than a few staying here in Palo Alto.  $2,000 to $5,000 per night rentals still available on AirBnB!  (In fact, make us an offer on our cottage!!) And to add to the hubbub, we are told one of the NFL teams will be having closed practice sessions at Stanford University next week leading up to the event.  So besides being busy packing away the Pats flag, t-shirts, sweatshirt and scarf for the season, we will need to remind the kids to look both ways for crazy football fans, and team buses.  Here’s to looking out for traffic, and forward to next season.



My new blog: ValueIntercept

3 Dec

I just started a new blog to capture insights on what I’m identifying as the most valuable new technologies that are solving expensive and challenging problems:

Hardings 2015 – Artwork

14 Aug

Haven’t posted in a while – just keeping it fresh.  Here’s something Henry illustrated this past school year (I think).